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Audio Engineering Program
I.C.E. Audio Engineering program is designed to teach our youth about music production, sound design, mixing, recording, mastering, teamwork, time management, financial management, and marketing. We also focus on teaching our youth the importance of post-secondary education attainment and exploring various careers paths based on their interests. 

Our first pilot Audio Engineering program took place at Mitchell High School 2014-2015. Select students opted in to learn more and participate in a contest. Untold Message was our winning team. They produced their own songs and received the most Thumbs Up on our YouTube page. The winning song was Dreams and Realities, which can be heard on YouTube. Teaching students how to engineer and produce their own music gives them tools needed to become entrepreneurs.  
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“You Know” - Extended Play( EP) 
Asha has completed her 1st EP—”You Know” "You Know" is based solely around resolutions to the many conflicts and challenges faced in an individual's daily life. Each song has a problem-solution structure, which begins with the phrase, "You Know". This is to instill in one's mind that you can do whatever you put your mind to, always stay on your grind, be yourself, think positive and love one another while doing it. This album's grindy-soulful and slow beats, that some may call R&B, is what I call R&I. R&I is Rhythm and Inspiration. Although, these 5 songs are a reflection of my life & experiences, it is mainly for our nation to realize that we can all do better somehow and someway.  

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